Edited journal issue, 2022    Guest Editor, special issue on Revisiting Ideas of Power in Southeast Asia.       Anthropological Forum 32, 1

Public lecture; Thai-Plus: Sensing gender on Thailand’s Ethnic Frontier (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 2021).


Mien Sports & Heritage (2003)


2020: Sidaoruang, Matsí. Translation from Thai to Icelandic of a short story by Sidao- ruang (Wanna Sawatsri). Milli Mála: Journal of Language and Culture 12: 263- 68.
2018: Á vatnsborðinu um náttmál.Translation from Thai to Icelandic of a short story by Atsiri Thammachote,and Introduction of the author. In Smásögur heimsins: Asía og Eyjaálfa [Short Stories from Around the World: Asia and the Pacific], eds. Rúnar H. Vignisson, Kristín G. Jónsdóttir, and Jón K. Helgason, eds., 105-12. Reykjavik: Bjartur.